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  • How to Sign Up/Login?
    To sign up or login click on the "Login" button present in the menu bar. If you wish to login, you may provide your email id (which is registered with us) and the password. if you wish to sign up, click on the "Sign Up" option in the bottom of the "Login" screen. You will have to fill up the required details to complete the signup process
  • Can I delete my account?
    Yes you will be able to delete your account. If you have decided to leave us, you will have to email us at by stating the reason for deletion. Upon receiveing the mail (from your registered email ID), we will delete your account and all its data from our servers within 48 hours. You will also receive a final email from us as a confirmation post account deletion. Please note that all your uploaded designs and any other posts which you might have done during your stay will be lost forever.
  • Help Us "Make It Yours"?"
    Well, you choose what you wear. The design, the cloth, the colour and everything that you can think of! Isn't it cool? Well, that's what Makes it Yours. Is all about you! Making you the coolest person in the room and letting you flaunt your own designs in the best way possible!
  • What Makes It "Exclusive"?"
    It's there for one lucky person. Well, yes we mean it, just ONE! If you buy something from the exclusive collection, be sure that it is the only piece that we will ever sell to anyone with that design. So when you buy from us, you surely walk into a party wearing the most unique thing possible!
  • What is the "Hand Made Shop"?"
    It is the personal love, affection and skill that makes them stand out. When you lay hand on the items from ourr Hand Made Shop, be very sure that you are in possession of something that is made with the utmost dedication by one of our most hardworking sellers. Also, they are mostly among the least fortunate ones of the society, so when you buy from them you actually help make the society better!
  • What are some exclusive Merchandise that you have?
    Would you love to wear the exclusive merchandise of your favourite YouTuber? How about having their merchandise? Honestly, if you are looking to have one, then please do check out for the coolest bundle of merchandises from the most popular youtubers across the nation!
  • How to customize?
    1. Go to Make It Yours Collection 2. Choose the product you want to customize 3. Click on "Upload Design". 4. Select all the colour options/size/print dimension, etc and add to cart to place your order. Just 4 easy steps to customize your product. After successful order placing, you will be contacted via WhatsApp and email for your confirmation on the mockup. Once we get your confirmation on either of the platforms we will start processing your order.
  • How to upload a design?
    Click on the "Upload Design" Button on the Product Page and select the design present on your device.
  • What are the design guidelines?
    Ensure that the design is of high quality. All though we have AI technology to improve and enlarge design so that it can be printed easily on products, we still recommend customers to provide us with a high quality design.
  • I dont have a design. Can you provide me with a designer?
    Yes we can surely provide you with a designer. Click on "Hire a Designer" in the footer of our website and fill in your details. Our designer will call you at your provided number to discuss more on your requirement. Please note that this service is not free and will be chargable.
  • How to preview the mockup?
    Once your order is successfully placed with us we will share with you the mockup of your product via email(which was provided during the order) and WhatsApp(number provided in the order details). This needs to confirmed by you within 3 days of receiving the mockup. In case if you need to change something in the mockup, the same can be requested as well. Once mockup is confirmed by you, only then we will start processing your order. Please note that if we do not receive your confirmation within 7 days the order will be cancelled and order value will not be refunded(for pre-paid orders)
  • Can I save my design for later use?
    Yes you can do it. An account at Only Yours is mandatory to use this feature. In order to save your design, do the following steps: 1. Go to "My Designs" in your profile section. 2. Click on Upload design button and select your file. 3. Type in the name of your design 4. Click on save. This design can be used later to order a customized product from our store. Please note that a maximum of 10 designs can be stored at a time in your profile.
  • How to place an order?
    1. Select the product (MIY/Readymade) you want to buy, 2. Choose the colour and size options as per requirement 3. Click on add to cart button 4. Go to the cart and check all product details. Click on checkout button to proceed. 5. Enter shipping details, payment menthods. 6. After payment is done, order will be successfully placed
  • How to check the status of my order?
    Go to "My Orders" in your profile sections to check your order status. You will be provided a separate tracking link on your registered email address where you can track your orders exact location.
  • What are the modes of payment?
    We accept all modes of payment starting from COD, Netbanking, Credit/Debit Cards, UPI. All of these payment methods are 100% secure. We also provide a flat ₹50 off on all online payments
  • How to use a discount code/promo code?
    You can add promo code from your cart page
  • How do I cancel my order?
    Go to "My Returns" page in your profile section and raise a cancel request. Please note that cancel request for an order can only be placed within 24 hours of order placing time. Please visit Return Policy page for more details
  • Do we accept bulk orders?
    Yes. We do accept bulk orders at lower rates. Please contact us via our "Contact Us" page or drop us a mail at
  • How long will it take to deliver my order?
    We try our best to deliver your products to your location at the fastest possible speed. In general, we need 1-2 days to process your orders(for both readymade and MIY orders). From then on, we ship it through our courier partners, who then takes a maximum of 6-8 days to deliver it at your doorsteps. You will be able to receive your orders within 7-10 days from the date of order.
  • How do I track my order?
    We do not have a dedicated tracking page on our website yet. Instead you will receive an sms and an email at your registered mobile number and email address with the courier tracking ID and tracking link from where you can track your orders at any time you want. Please note that the tracking details will be shared with you once your order has left our warehouse.
  • What if I receive a damaged/wrong product?
    We are very sorry that you have received a damaged product. We never want our customers to face such unfortunate incident. However in case if you feel upon receiving that the product is damaged or the pacaking is crushed, please take photographs and videos at every stage of your unboxing. If you find that the product is indeed damaged, please and send the photos to us via "My Returns" page in your profile and we will refund you the money(if you have placed a return request) or provide you with a coupon code of same value(if you have placed an exchange request). Please note that we wont be able to accept your return or exchange request if you dont provide us with the photos/videos of the product and unboxing steps.
  • Can i change the shipping address before my order is shipped?
    Currently we do not have a system where you can change your shipping address after placing the order. However, we believe in the saying, "Never say Never". We request you to please drop us a mail at stating your issue and your new shipping address. Although we cant guarantee that we will be able to keep your request, we can guarantee that we will try our best to keep it.
  • What if my order is undelivered?
    Its rare that such cases would arise.Generally, our courier partners try to deliver your orders for 3 days, post which they will send your order back to us. Incase you dont receive your order in the given date, we request you to please wait for 2 more days, post which we will reefund you the amount and you can reorder the product again from our website and we will then deliver your product to you.
  • Do you have additional charges for shipping?
    No, we do not charge anything extra for shipping. We provide free shipping to all customers to all pincodes and for any order value. Period.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes. You will be able to cancel your request by placing a cancel request from "My Returns" page in your profile section. However you can only place a cancel request within 24 hours of order date and time. Post which we wont be able to cancel your order and no money will be refunded in such cases
  • How to place a cancel request?
    Go to "My Returns" page in your profile section and raise a cancel request. Please note that cancel request for an order can only be placed within 24 hours of order placing time. Please visit Return Policy page for more detail
  • How can I ask for a refund of my order?
    Yes. You can raise a return and refund request only if you receive a damaged/wrong product. To be able to do this we would be needing photo and videos of unboxing, which you would have to upload while placing a return request. After verifying the photos, we can approve or reject your request. If approved, we will refund your amount to the original payment source. We suggest you to be careful while unboxing so that the product doest gets damaged while doing so.
  • How to place a return request?
    Go to "My Returns" page in your profile section and raise a return request by attaching relevant photos. Please visit Return Policy page for more details
  • If I return the product, will I get back the discount coupons?"
    No. Your discount coupons will not be refunded in case of return requests
  • Can I create an exchange request?
    Yes, you are allowed to raise an exchange request from "My Returns" page in your profile section
  • How to place an exchange request?
    Go to "My Returns" page in your profile section and raise an exchange request with relevant photos and videos. Once approved, a cuopon code of equivalent sum will be shared with you over email, which can be used to purchase the same product or can be used to purchase anything else from our store Please visit Return Policy page for more details
  • What is the procedure to exchange my order?
    Once exchange request is approved, a cuopon code of equivalent sum will be shared with you over email, which can be used to purchase the same product or can be used to purchase anything else from our store.
  • How to avail the "Launch Offer" of 100% off?"
    Great Question. Just like our platform, availing this offer is also easy. You just need to complete a purchase of ₹1000 or more in your first order. You will then receive 5 coupon codes of ₹200 each to your registered email. Each of these coupon codes can only be used once to purchase any products on our platform when your total cart value is ₹1500 or above. You need to use these coupon codes within 6 months from the date of receiving. Total coupon code value which can be availed with this offer is ₹1000. You cannot use multiple coupon codes at once.
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